Texomans Have Mixed Reaction About Blue Bells Return

Texomans Have Mixed Reaction About Blue Bells Return

Wichita Falls, TX - Tuesday afternoon Blue Bell ice cream captured the attention of its loyal customers when it posted a video and tweeted of its return to store shelves.

The video posted to Vimeo showed trucks leaving its Alabama plant. In a tweet the company said, "Our trucks are on the road again ...And yes, they are filled with Blue Bell Ice Cream!"

For some Texomans that brought back memories of "The good old days."

"I'm excited. I love Blue Bell ice cream, I buy it all the time, except course I haven't been able to," said Penny Denman, a Homemade Vanilla Blue Bell fan.

It's been four months since the creamery recalled all of its products after being linked to a Listeria outbreak.

Nearly a dozen people across four states suffered from illnesses and three people died as a result.

The company stopped production, furloughed and layed off employees, and then began cleaning at its plants in Brenham, Alabama and Oklahoma.

"I'm happy. I've always loved their ice cream and now that they've got their problems resolved. I'm hoping they will get back on the shelves again. I missed them," said Juan Ibarra, a Dutch Chocolate Blue Bell ice cream lover.

After a massive amount of tweets from fans flowed in asking when they would hit store shelves, the Texas-based company replied, "We'll let you know soon when and where you can find our products in stores."

Mary Agrima, a former fan of the brand, said the bad taste has not gone away just yet.

"I don't know how I feel about it now. Even if they come back on the shelf, I'll have to think about it before I buy it anymore," said Agrima.

Meanwhile, loyal Blue Bell fans await the sweet treat and a "simpler time and place."

"The creaminess and the flavor," said Ibarra.

"The shelves have been empty with Blue Bell and they have replaced it with other things. So, I'm waiting for Blue Bell to return," said Denman.

While Blue Bell is working on getting its ice cream back on store shelves, sources say that it is not expected to be back in Wichita Falls  for at least a couple of months.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6