Water Rates Rising

Water Rates Rising

Like many other towns that buy water wholesale from Wichita Falls the town of Iowa Park will soon be increasing rates for customers. Iowa Park City Manager Jerry Flemming explained that Iowa Park sets water rates for their town based on the wholesale rate that the town pays Wichita Falls. 

"Per our contract with Wichita Falls, our water rates are based on the actual expenses from the previous fiscal year," said Flemming.

During the recent drought, many of the towns that purchase water from the city were not buying as much water. Because sales did not meet projected many towns lost massive amounts of money.  In some cases, cities had to pull money from other programs or departments just to make utility cost meet projections.

"Because their usage went down in 2013-2014 the rates that we put into place for 2015-2016 have to be higher because it is assumed that they are going to use the same amount of water that they used in 2013-2014. It is all based on a fiscal year of 2013-14 to determine what future rates are," said Jim Dockery Wichita Falls Deputy City Manager.

Iowa Park city leaders voted to make the necessary rate increase during their previous council meeting. Residents could see increases of as much as 37%-39% from what they are currently charged for their water bill. Brad Williams grew up in Iowa Park and has been living in his current home in that town for 7 years. Williams said he's the droughts, but feelings are bittersweet by future rate increases. 

"They have us conserve water and a lot of people did and it threw them in a bind and now we are paying for it it makes you wonder if next time there is a drought if anybody will worry about conserving," said Williams.

Iowa Park will begin rate increase starting October 1st.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6