Sweet Treat In Wichita Falls

Sweet Treat In Wichita Falls

Wichita Falls was host to Krispy Kreme on Saturday. Earlier this year Wichita Falls won the competition to get the Krispy Kreme Pop-up Experience. A one day event when Krispy Kreme treats fans to free doughnuts for a day. The doughnut chain was outside the Wichita Falls Farmers Market for nearly 4 hours handing out freshly baked glazed doughnuts.

"I got here about 7:45 this morning, walked around the farmers market the smells got a cup of coffee and sat down and started waiting. I wanted to be early cause I have heard about Krispy Kreams and they are so delicious so I did not want to miss a chance to try it," Clari Mooregil of Wichita Falls. 

Mayor Glenn Barham announced a proclamation that Saturday, August 15th, 2015 as "Krispy Kreme 78th Birthday In Wichita Falls Day" before doughnuts were handed out. Krispy Kreme CEO Tony Thompson said he was surprised by the turnout. Thompson explained how Wichita Falls was chosen as the destination for the free doughnut giveaway as the chain celebrates 78 years of service. 

"We asked folks to send a compelling video on why we should bring a Krispy Kream for a day to your town and Wichita Falls Texas just blew the charts off," said Thompson. 

Local 92.9 NIN Radio Managing Editor Aaron Galloway actually helped put together the two video submissions that helped bring the doughnut experts to Wichita Falls. 

"We ended up having the idea to throw doughnuts off the and have Ann Arnold and Eric the intern catch them in their mouths and submit that as an entry into the contest. It paid off," said Galloway. 

As for now there are no current plans in place to bring a Krispy Kreme to Wichita Falls.

Here is a link to both videos that helped bring Krispy Kreme to Wichita Falls for a day. Video 1 Click HERE! Video 2 Click HERE!

Jack Carney, Newschannel6