Celebrating Leah's Life

Celebrating Leah's Life

Family members and friends of Leah Martin gathered in Grayford at Possum Kingdom First Baptist Church to celebrate the life of a loved one that many said was taken too soon. 

The color purple, Leah's favorite color, could be seen on most everything, including people both outside and inside the church. Family members Erica Curtis, Robin McCauley, Wesley Dake, Daniel Shafer and Jacob Valentic all spoke during the service. Some read personal poems, another talked about the last time they heard "Leah's" laugh, how they have found strength through not just the song, but also faith and some cried as they spoke of the last time they saw her.

The service ended with a purple balloon release ceremony and many of the family members hugging, smiling and celebrating Leah Martin's life like they said she would have wanted.

Leah Martin was 23 and a mother of one when she was last seen alive on May 29th while attending a practice graduation for a relative. The car was found empty outside her workplace at a Graham autobody shop. The body was discovered 11 days ago on August 5th. Local law enforcements handling the case said there has been no cause of death and no arrest have been made.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6