Boots for the Brave

Wounded Warriors are now receiving a custom thanks from a fellow soldier, who calls Wichita Falls home.

Tom Cartlidge, with Olsen-Stelzer Boots, is the driving force behind this outreach that is fitting men and women all over the country with free boots for the brave.

"Everybody loves a handmade boot. Only problem is most people cant afforded a handmade boot cause they are so expensive." said Tom Cartlidge.

Cartlidge no doubt has a passion for custom boots; he has been in the business all his life.  But this one-time company commander with the Marines, who served in Vietnam for 2 years, is now using his boot-fitting talent to help soldiers in need.

"I've always had a respect for the guys, who did lose their lives or were severely injured. So anyway I can help those guys it's a great joy to do it." said Tom Cartlidge.

Cartlidge works with several non-profits to find someone he can help. And he found there is a great need. 
"One guy had his leg shattered by an IED in Afghanistan. He didn't lose his leg, but he has a leg brace on, so we have to make the boot bigger to go over this leg brace," said Tom Cartlidge. "Some of the guys have a prosthetic and need a side zipper. Whatever we find we are going to give them a great pair of boots they enjoy wearing."

There is no cost to the wounded warrior. They get an expensive custom boot and it can be any style they want. The possibilities are endless.

"That's one of the ultimate things a guy can get, is a pair of handmade boots."

If you know of a veteran who has injuries that requires a special fit, man or woman, they may be able to help them out, too. 
You can give Tom a call at (940) 691-8102.