SAFB: Newschannel 6 Takes a Look Behind the Gates

Many Texomans drive by Sheppard Air Force Base every day, but have you ever wondered what it is like behind the gates?

Currently about 18,000 military members live on base, which includes 5,000 additional family members including 4,000 retirees.

On the three hour tour, you see what you wouldn't normally see outside of the gates, such as the commissary, base banks and facilities like the Armament facility.

For Air Force retiree Venson Fields and his wife Maxine, it's change.

"I retired from here in 2001 and I had not been back out here since on a tour, so I wanted to come and see what changes have been made, and there have been plenty," said Venson Fields.

At the Armament facility, you see where the weapons are loaded into the many different air craft.

"We also stopped at out propulsion systems school house, where they showed us how to work on mechanical aspects of the engines," said Senior Airman, Kyle Gese.

The last stop of the SAFB tour was the GITA ramp.

"We showed them all of the aircraft that was located inside of Hangar 1045 which is the B-52 the B-1 the F-15 and the F-16," said Tech Sgt. Dontaye Taylor.

Tech. Sgt. Taylor trains about 175 to 185 students.

"It's outstanding knowing that our tax dollars are working positively," said Fields.

Tours of Sheppard Air Force Base are free to the public and occur every third Tuesday of the month.  To sign up for a tour, just head on over to the MPEC in Wichita Falls.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6