FEMA In Wichita County

FEMA officials met with Wichita County leaders on Wednesday to discuss financial reimbursement for work done in the wake of massive flooding in May. County and government officials met inside the Wichita Commissioners Court for nearly 2 hours discussing how to document cost to fix major roads and bridges while making sure the proper paperwork showed how much overtime county officials worked to respond to flooding. 

"We will document with both photographs and dimensions of the damaged elements and that is what FEMA is interested in. Infrastructure is eligible if it was damaged as a result of the event, but it is only eligible to the point of pre-disaster design capacity and function," said Jack Wycoff of FEMA. 

According to Judge Woody Gossom the county has already spent millions on repairs and equipment. Gossom is confident that once FEMA officials survey the damage done in the county could make back as much as 80% of what was spent during the storm.

"We are fortunate to have some long term for man that are experienced and know the actual construction work and are also pretty good at the paperwork that is where the commissioners will come in is to assist them look at the planning and scheduling the work and document document document," said Gossom.

According to Gossom the county will still have several hundred thousand dollars of expenses. Wichita County has eighteen months to document and file proper paperwork for reimbursement.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6