Hruby Pleads Not Guilty to Murder of His Family

Duncan, Okla. - Alan Hurby, the Duncan man charged with killing his father, mother and sister, has entered a plea of not guilty on Thursday.

20-year-old Alan Hruby confessed to killing his parents, John and Tinker Hruby, and his sister, Katherine, on October 14, 2014. He was officially charged with three count of first-degree murder the next day.

Hruby is currently serving three years in prison for stealing his grandmother's credit card last year.

District Attorney Jason Hicks says Hruby confessed he was a big spender and his motive was financial. Hruby had reportedly gotten involved with a loan shark and owed $3,000.

After dumping the videos for the home’s surveillance system and the stolen 9mm gun from his father into a lake, Hruby went back to the OU campus to pick up his cell phone. He left the phone in his dorm room on purpose so any pings on the phone would trace Alan back to Norman.

Hruby then traveled to Dallas where he attended the OU/Texas football game with friends. His Instagram page even showed a post from that trip, where he and his friends stayed at the Ritz-Carlton.

In July, Hruby sent a letter to The Oklahoman newspaper that stated that he deserves the death penalty for the October shooting deaths.

Hruby’s trial date is set for April.