Man Indicted for Intoxicated Manslaughter

Wichita Falls, Texas - A man who was charged with two counts of Intoxicated Manslaughter was indicted Thursday.

According to police, on June 5th, 21-year-old Omar Vera, was traveling southbound along Highway 287, before he lost control of the vehicle and drove off the road.

The car slammed into the city's Circle Trail system, and ended up in Holiday Creek, right between Patterson BMW and Patterson Honda dealerships.

Four people were in the car as it ran into the creek, and were taken to the hospital, where 19-year-old Juan Calixto and 17-year-old Antonio Sanchez died from their injuries.

Vera and an 18-year-old passenger did not suffer life-threatening injuries.

Vera was indicted for Intoxicated Manslaughter and is currently awaiting trial.

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