WFISD: New Leader, Bright Future

WFISD: New Leader, Bright Future

Wichita Falls Independent School District has named Michael Kuhrt as the new Superintendent. Kuhrt has been the Interim Superintendent since the resignation of Dr. John Frossard earlier this year.

"He's already implemented what he was wanting to implement and I mean that is the thing he was part of building the plan for the future with Dr. Frossard I mean he was in here already so basically he is just implementing a plan he was already building in the first place," said WFISD School Board President Trey Sralla.

Kuhrt was heavily involved in building and helping secure a new district bond that will go mostly towards a new Career Technical Education Center. However, the district does have problems that need addressing. Last year 27 of the districts 29 schools did not meet the full standards Kuhrt said he has plans to address that.

"Data we want it very specific we want a laser focus on data and so we are making sure that we know that where each school is where each child is and where each child is performing," said Kuhrt.

The new Superintendent said he wants all WFISD parents to know that his kids all attend the same schools as theirs.

"My kids are all attending WFISD, so I'm on three different campuses and I'm out there quite a bit. It's special they mean a lot and everything we do even though it is all kids, but if it is good enough for my kids it is good enough for everybody's kids and I want to make sure that is the case," said Kuhrt.

WFISD School Board President Trey Sralla told Newschannel6 that every member of the board is in full support of their new Superintendent. Sralla also confirmed that Kuhrt's contract is worth around $202,000 a year for a length of four years.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6