Back To School: Supplying The Community

Back To School: Supplying The Community

Free school supplies for pre-k through high school were handed out in downtown Wichita Falls early this morning. A new group called the Shonda Carter Price Foundation collected supplies through local churches. Parents and students were asked to only sign in and list their grade needs. After which a full bag of products specific to that students grade were supplied. 

"We are here today, just giving back to the community trying to help people that may be still trying to get their last minute school supplies together," said Connie Carter organizer for the SCP Foundation.

The foundation was created after the passing of a local community member.

"About six months ago, my sister passed away, she had diabetes and hypertension and it was a very sudden and traumatic event for our family and because of it, we wanted to start a foundation in her memory to give back to the community," said Carter.

Those who showed up were also given a chance to take home a free week's supply food handed out by the local Wichita Falls Food Bank. 
Carter said that the SCP Foundation reached out to other groups like the WF Food Bank to give out as much as they could to lower income and economically hardshipped families. 

If you would like to contact the SCP Foundation you can head to their Facebook page HERE.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6