Super Softball Complex

Super Softball Complex

A new softball field coming to Wichita Falls could help not just local youth, but also the local economy.

Bill Davis is building K3 softball Field Just off Kell Boulevard in western Wichita Falls. The K3 field will be one of the only turf fields in the Texoma region. 

"We are building a fully state of the Astro turf softball field that is NCAA Complaint size. We are going to hold fall, spring leagues here for girls 8-under, 10-under, and 12-under," said Davis. 

Though the field is being built for softball the size of the field is actually NCAA complaint and able to accommodate little league boys baseball as well. Davis said the turf was made to feel like real grass. 

"You've got your taller fibers for the actual outfield here and then inside there is these real small fibers which is actually a patented product. It actually allows the ball to respond just like a grass or dirt field," said Davis. 

The field will host a league this fall and will also be open to any tournament style play too. The idea is that the unique field will bring in outsiders.

"When we bring in teams from out of town, out of state they will be staying at hotels, eating at restaurants  here buying fuel here so it will be a good thing economically for the community," said Davis. 

The first games will be held September 19th. Davis said that if the first year is a success there is the possibility that another field could be built right next to the currently constructed one.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6