HHH: Bike Track

HHH: Bike Track

Tens of thousands of cyclists in numerous rides across three days are a lot to keep track of, for Hotter'N Hell officials and for the spectators.
Sometimes, loved ones will worry if the ride is taking longer than expected. That's where the bike chips come in.

["Their loved one's] are saying, 'Where are they? What happened to them?' [The chip] narrows down our search, and the search of the people looking for them," HHH Ride Chairman Roby Christie explained.

Christie says the HHH has been using the chip system inside the handlebar number for about twelve years. There are six checkpoints where the chip registers, including the start, finish, and at Hell's Gate.

Officials over the years have switched chip providers and upped the number of checkpoints from two to six, which ended up saving a life two years ago.

"A child on the 10k route got off course," Christie said. "Their parents, and we, were really worried about them. 
"We were able to determine that they had turned off on the 50 mile route and close and narrow our search, and found them out on a rest stop and go them home safely." 
But what if you want to track exactly how a rider is doing? Christie says that will be a possibility in the near future.

"We hope to have a real time locator so a person can go on the internet and look up a number and see where they are," Christie said. 
"It's not happening yet, but we expect that it will in the next few years."

If the locator technology was available this year, it would probably affect registration fees. But, with advances in technology, Christie expects to offer the service free of charge in the next few years.

Festivities for the Hotter'N Hell Hundred kick off on Thursday with registration at the MPEC. The Endurance Rides take place on Saturday.

Dave Caulfield, Newschannel 6