Burkburnett ISD To Hold $47.1 Million Bond Election

Burkburnett ISD To Hold $47.1 Million Bond Election

 The Burkburnett School Board will move forward with a $47.1 million school bond. The item will now be placed on the November ballot.

A majority of the funding will be used to update buildings that no longer meet state requirements.

“The city of Burkburnett has one asset and it’s our public schools,” said Burkburnett ISD Superintendent Danny Taylor. “That’s the reason that people re-locate to Burkburnett and that’s why the residents are going to be asked to make an additional investment.”

If the bond passes taxes will be raised roughly 22 cents. The investment will cost the average resident roughly $187.56 a year, about $16 per month.

“It's down to what we see is essential for this district to move forward into the future,” said Taylor.

Along with safer and more secure buildings, the bond will allow for a new synthetic turf football field, a new field house, and a tennis court replacement.

The money will also go to renovations and upgrades throughout the district. It will also allow the district to build on new wings to existing campuses.

One major problem Burk ISD wants to address in this bond is Hardin Elementary. There's just not enough room for students and the classroom sizes are not up to state standards, according to Superintendent Taylor.

They'll address the problem by building an entire new elementary worth $23 million.

“The bond will help this school tremendously,” said Tommy Carlton, a Burkburnett resident.

Carlton said he went to Hardin Elementary in the 1960’s. He said very little has changed since.

“If the school stays the same in the 60's, since I've been here in the 60's, something’s got to change,” said Carlton.

He said regardless of the price, he's willing to pay.

“It’s our future, that's going to this school here,” said Carlton.

Another Burkburnett resident said she agrees.

They need it,” said Suzy Haudenshild. “I don't personally have any children that go here but, like that other gentleman said, they are our future.”

For a complete list of what the bond will fund click here.

Brittany Costello, Newschannel 6