Road Trip: Burkburnett Bulldogs

We begin the final week of our High School Training Camp Road Trip with a look at the Burkburnett Bulldogs!

Senior wide receiver Brandon Ingram promises an "up-tempo offense and a good show, if you go to the games to watch."

That's because they're making big changes on both sides of the ball this season.

The Bulldogs had a rough season last year, finishing 1-9. So, coming into the 2015 season the coaches decided it was time for a change. The team will be rolling out a brand-new offense and defense this season.

"We have a good quarterback, good receiving corps, good lineman and on D we switched to a 4-3," Ingram says of the changes. "I am pretty sure we are better at secondary, we are better at linebacker, every position."

Head Coach Scott Boswell agrees. "[I] felt like we needed a change of pace," he said. "Felt like we had to do something a little bit different, and the kids have responded really well to it. They have been really excited about what's going on."

On offense, the Bulldogs plan to open it up and use a spread attack. Leading the charge under center will be junior quarterback Mitchell Jennings. He takes over for three-year starter Bryan Lewis, but the team is confident he can help transition this offense.

"We won't be under center," says Coach Boswell. "We won't be doing the traditional triple-option stuff that we have done in the past. We will be in four-wide and a spread attack."

"We're really trying to score a lot," said Coach Boswell's son, senior lineman Jacob Boswell. "We have an up-tempo offense now. It's harder for the lineman, because we're bigger, but I think it will help us out 'cause not all teams are acclimated to the speed. And I think that will help us out a lot."

On defense, the team  will use the 4-3 defense as its base, instead of the three down linemen front they used last season. They think this will help them fill gaps and be a more hard-hitting defense.

"Defensively, we are going to transition from the three-man front to a four-man front," said Coach Boswell. "We will be multiple, really, but we are going to add the four-man front into it and just try to attack and play sound defense."

"We're coming to the ball," said the younger Boswell. "We're all ball hawks, so as soon as we see the ball, where it's at, everybody is to it. If there is not six of us to the ball, then it's just a bust. Most of us are to the ball every single play."

The coaching staff has been preaching about the little things, so this team can be better than last year.

"We have preached that all the time: doing the little things right," the elder Boswell said. "Not jumping offside, but that starts where your hand is behind the line whenever we are running sprints. Making sure your locker is kept straight, making sure that you are here on time, making sure that you're held accountable for your actions. Doing the little things right is where it all starts."

"I know a lot of us are looking to restart our playoff run," Jacob Boswell said. "We went like, twelve years consecutive in the playoffs and we broke that last year. So we are going to try to restart a streak. Win more gold balls, and that's all we can hope for."

The Bulldogs will open their season Friday night at 7:30, at rival Iowa Park.

On Tuesday night, we'll continue in District 4-4A Div. I, and take a look at the three-time defending regional champion Graham Steers!