Road Trip: Graham Steers

Our High School Football Training Camp Road Trip rolls into Young County, where the Graham Steers know all about deep playoff runs.

The Steers have made it to the state semifinals the past three years in a row. This season, they want to make that one final step.

"Well, going to the semis three years in a row, I mean the bar is set pretty high," said Head Coach Kenny Davidson. "Our goals are high, and so we have been working hard. You know, the season started in January when we got back, and that's the mentality that we have."

"You've just got to punch through," said senior linebacker Bohner Cottongame. "I mean, we haven't done it the past three years, but it's one of those expectations we have, to make it all the way to the 'ship. You've just got to play. You've got to roll through it."

The steers come into 2015 with a talented group on defense, led by a group of senior linebackers.

"Our linebackers -- Bohner Cottongame and Taylor Reddell and Conner Smith -- we feel like those are the leaders and they are going to set the tone," said Davidson.

"Some teams don't have that luxury of having great defenses and offenses at the same time," said senior quarterback Landry Turner. "So, having them kinda puts a little less pressure on our backs sometimes, and so it's not always a bad thing."

Turner will be leading the charge on offense, in his second season at Graham and fourth as a varsity starter. Everyone can see he has settled in and is ready to take this team to the Promised Land.

"Landry, he's a great leader," said Reddell, also a senior. "He's a great player for us, and I think this year he's going to be real good for us."

"I would say he's pretty good," said Cottongame. "He was pretty good last year, and I never thought he could have improved as much as he did, to come into his senior year. He's going to be tremendous."

The offense will be wide open, and you can expect a lot of points for Graham this season.

"We're going to definitely have our run game," Coach Davidson said. "We're returning three starters on the offensive line, so we feel like we can move the ball either running or passing it."

"We're going to throw it around a little bit, but at the same time we're going to run it, just because we can," Turner added. "We've got the line to run it down your throat, and then we've got the receivers to run past you, and hopefully a quarterback who can throw it over. So I would say we're going to score a lot of points, and we're not going to slow down."

Graham opens the season Friday night, August 28th, on the road in Vernon to take on the Lions.

On Wednesday, we'll finish District 4-4A Div. I, with our first Wichita Falls ISD team, the Hirschi Huskies!