Campaign 2016: Millenials Invested In Presidential Race

Campaign 2016: Millenials Invested In Presidential Race

Wichita Falls, TX -  Classes are back in session at Midwestern State University and students are not only focused on their studies, but on the 2016 presidential campaign. The race is quickly heating up and the candidate field grows by the day.

Newschannel 6 wanted to find out what millennials think about the candidates and what issues they believe are at stake.

"There's some pretty strong GOP candidates, I wouldn't say Trump's one of them, but he does have a lot of support right now," said Coleman Reidling, Junior, History major at MSU.

Miguel Rorzco will be voting for the first time next November. Candidates views on immigration are top of mind for him.

"Donald Trump coming out with those absurd comments about the Latino population, " how we're rapist, criminals, which is obviously not true," said Rorzco.

Miguel was born in the United States, his parents in Mexico. He said candidates comments threatening to take away citizenship from natural born Americans with parents who are not, makes him feel uneasy.

"These are hardworking Hispanic here trying to make a better life for the children and for themselves, too," said Rorzco.

However, some students say there is a need for immigration reform.

"I do think there is something to be said for the immigration standards and I think those do need to be reformed and strengthened a little bit," said Coleman Reidling, a Junior, History major.

Reidling says he's also thinking about life after college.

"We're in huge national debt and I'll be out in the workforce and money matters," said Reidling.

While some students say they're focused on issues such as immigration, the economy and education, others say there are no candidates that spark their interests.

"Some of them I think have some good ideas. However, I just don't see that actually panning out, in the long run," said Camille Robertson, a sophomore, Kinesiology major.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6