Flying Facelift for Graham

Flying Facelift for Graham

Runways were quiet this morning at the Graham Municipal Airport, with the only plane in sight parked off to the side. However, after $200,000 in upgrades and renovations was approved this morning, this airport will be getting a makeover.

"[We've] been looking to make some upgrades to the office area and the terminal at our local airport. It's time for a facelift, Graham City Manager Brandon Anderson said. "We can enhance it."
One of the biggest enhancements will be allowing 24 hour service at KRPH. Right now, once doors close at five, so does access to the airport's fuel pumps.

"Pilots are just like anybody else that's driving down the road looking for the cheapest fuel. And if we happen to be the cheapest fuel at the time, hopefully we can attract those folks anytime of the day," Anderson said.
 Pilots also can't use the office area and lounge or the bathrooms at the terminal after hours.
As far as sprucing up the terminal...

"Folks that come and use airplanes to come see graham that's the first thing they see when they see our front doorstep," Anderson explained. "So its important that we put our best foot forward."
All the funds for the airport upgrades in Graham come from the sales tax. Officials are hoping they won't have to use the entirety of the $200,000, but they won't know specifics until after the final drawings from the architects come in.

Dave Caulfield, Newschannel 6