Booming Back Into Business

One family is celebrating their return to the restaurant business.
On Friday a ribbon cutting ceremony was held for the Boomtown Buffet and Take Out restaurant.  However, it was more than just about about opening for business.
“I used to own the Burk Diner for 21 years total,” Mary Civiletto, the wife of one of the partners said.
Then three years ago, she and her husband were forced to close the doors because her health got so bad.  After being away from the business for so long, the family decided to give it another go.  As Mary put it, her husband didn’t want to have to go into the trucking business.  So he teamed up with a friend and got started on the journey of opening the restaurant.
“I never thought I’d be back here.  Never ever,” she said.
While Mary still has health issues and can’t work full time, she finds a way to continue her passion. 
“I have to go home and rest a lot, but then I come back up and just play,” Civiletto said, “I do what I can to play, and help everybody out.”
To her, helping where she can means the world because it’s her way of giving back to the community who supported her.
“This town has been amazing for our support coming back,” she said.
You can even see personal touches from the community throughout the restaurant.  It makes it more like a second home, rather than a business.
Mary explained the reason why they decided to open a buffet was because she doesn’t want people to have to wait to enjoy a meal.
“This way they can come in, go straight to the big buffet, grab what they want, and just sit down and start eating,” she said.
The restaurant officially opens on Monday, August 31st at 11:00a.m.
Alexandra McClung, Newschannel 6