HHH: Consumer Show

HHH: Consumer Show

Thousands of riders have descended onto Wichita Falls for the annual Hotter N' Hell Hundred. Wichita Falls has capitalized on the race by hosting an annual consumer show inside the Multipurpose Event Center on Thursday. Cynthia Laney said that the consumer show alone brings in many millions of dollars for the city.

"They take into consideration how many people are here how many people came with them the money they spent and I think it was last year from the year before last that over 8 million dollars economic impact for this one weekend Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the month of August for Wichita Falls," said Laney.

Vendors pack the inside of the MPEC looking for the latest and greatest gear before they hit the hot roads of the Texoma region Saturday. Sun and Ski is one of the 75 vendors not only making a profit, but also offering once a year deals to the large amount of Triple H riders.

"Sun and Ski we have been a bike retailer multi sport retailer has been coming to the HHH about ten years now. This is where people come all year long to save up on their bike stuff the deals are crazy. We got customers that come back and buy all their stuff for the entire year this one day," said Jeremy Morris.

The show will end tomorrow at 4 p.m. and doors will open at 9 p.m., admission to the consumer show is free.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6