HHH: Endurance Race

HHH: Endurance Race

More than 12,500 plus riders took part in this years Hotter N' Hell Hundred an annual bike ride and race that that first took place in  Wichita Falls in 1982.

Many of the riders come from all over the country and even the world just to take part in the event. Christina Pinkerman came from Manhattan, Kansas to ride in Saturdays Triple H. Pinkerman has taken part in the event two times prior.

"This was the king of my big gauntlet to achieve so I set the goal to do the hundred miles and of course I picked one of the harder ones in the south because of the heat and the elements," said Pinkerman.

Others came from just across the Oklahoma border, Glenn Christansen is from Lawton. When asked what makes the Triple H an event for so many riders to come back to while drawing in many more first time Triple H'ers.

"Unbelievable how do you not want to be a part of something so epic," said Christansen.

The Triple H traditionally begins on Scott Street in Wichita Falls. When more than 12,000 plus riders show up before the cannon start Scott Street becomes the second largest city in Wichita County.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6