Texans Push For State's Independence From U.S.

Texans Push For State's Independence From U.S.

Wichita Falls, TX - A group of Texas residents are pushing for the state to become its own independent country.

The Texas Nationalist Movement held their first major field operation in 31 cities across the state this past weekend.

Event organizers say the field operations are to educate Texans about their cause and to collect signatures. The group's goal is to collect 75,000 signatures over the next 92-days so that Texans can vote on its Independence during the next Republican primary election in March 2016.

Some who attended the event this weekend have strong opinions about Texas splitting from the United States and others were on the fence.

"We can become independent from this negligent, corrupt government that we have," said Gary Minter, a supporter.

"Concerning if Texas should separate from the rest of the United States I think it's up to the American Texas people," said Bernhard Schlattl, who is on the fence.

The president of the movement says most of the people in favor of secession are not happy with the United States government and believe Texas can survive on its own.

Volunteers across the state will continue campaigning for signatures until their December 1 deadline.

If the issue makes the ballot, Texans will have a big decision to make when they head to the polls in March 2016.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6