Gas Prices In Texoma Below State And National Average

Gas Prices In Texoma Below State And National Average

Wichita Falls, TX - AAA Texas expects that more than 35 million drivers will head out on the road this Labor Day weekend thanks to a decline in gas prices. The average cost for regular fuel in Texoma is just under $2.20 a gallon.

For the longest time, Greg Shamburg dreaded filling up his truck with gas.

"It helps a little bit that the prices are finally going down," said Greg.

The average price for a gallon of regular gas across the state is just under $2.25 a gallon, a dollar cheaper from this time last year.

AAA Texas says drivers taking a long road this Labor Day weekend can expect to save about $14 every time they fill up.

Greg believes we could be saving more.

"If they would open up their resources that we have and let us start drilling and actually start producing more oil internally in the United States; we would see gas prices down to a dollar or maybe even lower," said Greg.

AAA Texas says while prices are lower now, analyst believe we could see another drop later this year.

"The reason is, there still is an oversupply in the global market. The demand will be decreasing as we move further along in the fall," said Doug Shupe, spokesman, AAA Texas. "Pretty soon refineries are going to be switching to the winter blend fuel, which is much cheaper to produce."
Experts that work in the oil and gas industry say while consumers are benefiting from cheaper gas prices at the pump, those that work in the oil fields are suffering.

In a statement Alex Mills, President of the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers said:

"The oversupply of crude oil has created a decline in crude oil and gasoline prices across Texas and the nation. Because of the oversupply, activity in the oil industry has declined to a seven-year low. Thousands of oil field workers have been laid off. The oil industry is definitely in a down-cycle."

Doris Davis, a Texoma driver, said she loves the idea of cheaper fills, but says when it doesn't cost us someone else has to take the hit.

"It hurts the people that work out in the oil fields because they're not getting the work they should," said Doris.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6