Slammer For MDA Summer Camp

Over 250 of Wichita Falls' best were locked up on Wednesday for a good cause.  It was all a part of the annual Muscular Dystrophy Association Lock-up Fundraiser.

"I was told about the event and they said they were looking for somebody and I felt compelled to help out a great cause," Isaiah Garcia said.

For the MDA, this is one of their largest fundraisers.  The goal is to help send kids to the MDA summer camp.  It's something some children with the disease might not have the opportunity to do otherwise.

"Right now we have over 450 families in our area that do have our diseases and that does range from little kids to adults, to seniors," Daniel York, the Executive Director of MDA said.

One by one the jailbirds either got locked up or they turned themselves in.  The judge gave them their sentence and their bond, which was $1,600.  With such a large goal, some people just had a personal goal.

"At least $800, if not $500," Garcia said.

He said $800 would be perfect, since that's how much it costs to send one kid to summer camp.  While that sounds expensive, you have to realize these kids need a nurse, a doctor, and a specialized councilor.

"It's very challenging, but they love it," York said, "They get to be around people just like themselves for a week."

Not to mention the look on the kids faces!

"They get to do things all of us take for granted.  Being able to do it anytime, like fishing, going horseback riding, playing basketball," York said.

The MDA hopes to raise more than $100,000 from the event.  For the past two years they have reached that amount, but now they want to go above and beyond.

If you weren't able to make it out to this year's MDA Lock-Up at the Wellington, you can still make a donation.  You can call their office to make your pledge for the rest of the night.  That number is (940) 696-5581.  You can also make a donation here.

 Alexandra McClung, Newschannel 6