Truancy Transition

Truancy Transition

It's no longer criminal to skip school in Texas. A new law decriminalized truancy for 12 to 19 year olds. Verna Honeycut  is Wichita Falls Independent School District Attendance Coordinator, said that the new law could impact the districts high attendance rate of 95.08 percent.

"It probably will make it harder for us to do what we do and to keep our attendance rate because if we don't have anything to hold over their heads than it is going to be difficult," said Verna Honeycut

WFISD is still able to use various tools to speak with students who do choose to skip school.

"We go into an intervention process which Wichita Falls was ahead of the game cause for years we have been doing interventions. We meet with students, we help give them resources if they need like fixing the bus ride if they cannot get a bus we do that if they are having family issues we refer them to counseling services all kinds of resources so we have always done that," said Honeycut.

The school district will also utilize programs like teen court and Communities In Schools to help combat truancy and help sway a skipper from dogging classes.

While students might not face any criminal charges parents can be given a class C misdemeanor for not bringing their children to school.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6