Residents React to Illegal Dumping Ordinance

If you're caught dumping trash on someone else's property or a dumpster you're not supposed to be using, be ready to pay up. An amendment to the Wichita Falls city ordinance on illegal dumping took effect on Thursday.

Illegal dumping is a Class C violation, which results in a fine worth $4,000.

Lou Best has lived at her home for the past 50  years, but she hasn't had the best relationship with people dumping trash in the dumpster behind her home.

"Sometimes a lot of tree limbs and things they do, they put it on the church lot, he makes them move it and when they do they put it over by the dumpster instead of in the dumpster," said Best.

Best said she has seen people multiple times come and dump things off.

"It was just a gray Honda or something-a nice looking car. she pulls up where she thinks I cant see her on the other side of those trees, but I can see that white sack go over into the dumpster, and then she guns it out of here," said Best.

In the past, Best said people would just dump anything behind her home, such as mattresses and other furniture, but today she has put a stop to it.

I'd just go out and just raise cane if I'd catch them so that kind of eased off. They used to pile a bunch over there where that church sign is, but since i hollered so much they kind of quit doing that," said Best.

Illegal dumping is happening to dumpsters in many alley ways of vacant homes and residents like Best.

"It's been a continual problem in the past, with this ordinance changed this allows us to find the people who are doing this illegally it still needs to be cleaned up, and we would encourage the public to help us with that," said Rita Miller, Code Enforcement & Housing Administrator for Wichita Falls.

Miller also believes this change will continue to help with the cleanliness of the city.

"It will help to enhance the city, especially in some problem ares that we have had," said Miller.

It's this reason why Miller and others in the Code Enforcement and Housing Office are asking residents like Best for help.

This ordinance was modified because the city wanted to be up to date with the ordinance at the state level, who's fine at was upped from $2,000 to $4,000.

In the past, this violation would be handled by the police, now it will be handled by the Code Enforcement Office.

To see more about the illegal dumping ordinance for Wichita Falls click here.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6