Body Camera Bucks

Body Camera Bucks

A new law in Texas will help police departments curb body camera cost for their officers.

Texas lawmakers set aside around $10 million in grants that can help law enforcement agencies buy body cameras. Departments that receive the money will have to create policies for the cameras that follow state guidelines and officers will undergo training.

"We went to the body cameras a little over two and a half years ago," said Lieutenant Jimmy Eaton of Iowa Park Police Department.

Eaton said that IPPD has used other state grants in the past to help pay for body cameras on every active officer. Each camera can cost as much as $600, added onto thousands more in editing and data storage costs.

"Anytime that it aids you in taking a criminal off the street or vindicates and officer who has been falsely accused it's always worth it," said Eaton.

Though Iowa Park has not applied for the new body camera grant money Eaton said it is still possible for IPPD or any other Texas police department to apply at a later date.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6