Burkburnett Reviewing Recycling

Burkburnett Reviewing Recycling

Driving to a dumpster to cut loose your cardboard may soon be a thing of the past in Burkburnett, because of citizens and commissioners, Burkburnett could be going curbside. 
"Recycling is big in our community today, and we feel as a steward of your community and the environment that's probably the direction we should all be at," said the Burkburnett City Manager, Mike Whaley.

"What we're looking at now is transitioning to the residential curbside system to continue to expand the recycling program," said Whaley.

Currently, Burkburnett has four locations in town with dumpsters to deposit recyclable items, available at no cost to citizens. This system has been popular, but it's come with some difficulties.

"When you have unmanned receptacles like that you have some illegal dumping that occurs, so that messes up that recycle stream at times," Whaley explained.

While the new system is more convenient, that convenience comes at a cost.

Whaley stated that, "The bottom line is what everyone wants to know, and so the price is $4.15 for option one and $4.40 for the other."

If the city purchases polycarts outright, it could slash monthly costs by a dollar to around $3.25 a month per person.

The city has put together a recycling survey, both online and through the mail, that asks for the public's input. Those are due to city hall by September 10th.

The measure will likely be voted on towards the end of the month.

Dave Caulfield, Newschannel 6