Travelers Hit the Skies & Roads for Labor Day Weekend

For many travelers, Labor Day weekend has already begun.  Many are making their way to their destination by flying the friendly skies or driving on the road.

Newschannel 6 went to the Wichita Falls Regional Airport, as well as the Wichita Falls Travel Center, to see where people were headed and how they plan to spend the weekend of no labor.

Whether it be Columbus, Ohio, New Mexico, Atlanta Georgia or the Grand Canyon, 35.5 million Americans are expected to travel this Labor Day weekend.

Tom Mareth is heading to Atlanta to visit his son.

"My son is finishing up in medical school and before he finishes up his internships, he has a week off, so I'm going to be able to visit him.  I'm really looking forward to that," said Mareth.

Mareth's flight was over booked, but he still had a positive attitude.

"I've got $500 and they're going to be taking me in cab to D.F.W, so that I can catch my flight to Atlanta from there," said Mareth.

Another traveler hitting the friendly skies this weekend is Patricia Pringle.

"I'm going to see my parents.  I'm going because we're celebrating my mom's 93rd birthday, so I'm trying and hoping to surprise her," said Pringle.

Pringle and Mareth are a part of the 27-percent of Americans who are planning to fly.

There are also some people who'd rather take the scenic route to their location.

"We started out at 8:30 on Wednesday morning and this is our third day out now," said Margot White.

White and her husband would rather drive than fly.

"I can't pack what I want to pack and we like to have our car with us and see the United States rather than flying across it," said White.

The same can be said for Dallas-ite, Amy Wilson, who is bringing the whole family along for an adventure.

"I'm here with my mother, my father and my niece.  We just jumped in the car and wanted to head to New Mexico.  We just packed up last night and got the kid out of school and got home, put her in and headed this way," said Wilson.

No matter the destination or how you get there, the goal is to spend time this weekend doing everything except labor.

68-percent of people are expected to drive this weekend.  Labor Day weekend travel as a whole,  is up about 11-percent this year.

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Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6