Vernon Presidential Candidate

Vernon Presidential Candidate

Chris Keniston wants to become the next President of The United States. Keniston said that he's not a Democrat, he's not a Republican, he is a member of a different party.

"I am the Veterans Party of American Candidate for President of the United States," said Keniston.

The VPA was formed just two years ago in 2013 when Congress elected, to balance their budget by making massive cuts in military and veteran benefits.

"You're talking about cuts to care, pay cuts for cost of living, allowance, everyday things that affect the lives of service members and veterans," said Keniston.

While the party name indicates higher priority for military and veteran values, Keniston said that the VPA is the party for all Americans.

"When Congress passes legislation that stipulates an individual tax on you, on me, on everybody people in this country for failing to purchase a private product or a product from private enterprise, health care is what I am talking about. There is no constitutional basis to do that, not like they have done it," said Keniston.

There are positives and negatives to the Affordable Care Act, but Keniston said that changes would be made if he were elected to office.

"What I want to do first of all is terminate the individual payer mandate, the government has no right to charge me a tax if I choose not to purchase health insurance," said Keniston.

As a parent, Keniston said that education is another major issue he hopes to tackle as POTUS. Keniston said if he won the election, he would not move into the White House until Common Core State Standards Initiative.

"I understand that we need to establish some kind of national standard, but not at the expense of a quality education and that is what is occurring right now in the primary and secondary levels," said Keniston.

Lowering corporate tax rates is something Keniston believes would help bring back jobs stateside. According to Keniston major manufacturing companies like Nike and Apple could affordably relocate to the U.S. with his leadership of the country.

"To bring major manufacturing back to America, that is something I can do at the presidential level. I can not make them side deals  and I am not going to offer them any benefits, except we will look at the corporate tax rate, we will look at straightening our our system so that it is fair and equitable for you to do business here," said Keniston.

Newschannel 6 asked Keniston who currently employs him and pays his checks, Keniston  would not reveal who, out of respect for his employers.

"They have asked me not to at this point, they really don't want to be involved, and I have assured them that I won't," said Keniston.

However, a quick web search revealed that Keniston works for a corporate company called Solvay as a Maintenance and Reliability Engineer.

If you would like to learn more about Keniston you can do so by checking out his Facebook, Twitter and VPA candidate homepage located below.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6