Profitable Park?

Profitable Park?

The Castaway Cove Water Park is hoping 2015 was a profitable one. However, officials at the water park said that final numbers would not be available for some time. Cheryl Bownds is the sales and marketing manager for the Wichita Falls owned Park.

"It is probably about average.  I'm not really sure of the numbers today.  We are having a really great day, and there is a lot of people coming out and having a really great time," said Bownds.

The parking lot was full for most of the day as people got their final splashes of the season. Officials said that they were happy to no longer haul in water for the park now that drought restrictions were pulled back.

Last year the park had to pull nearly $80,000 from the parks revenue fund to haul water in order to stay in operation. The park only made a profit of just $1,579. Officials like Bownds hope that 2015 brought in more money than 2014.

Jack Carney, Newschannel6