Beef Bandits

A bizarre break in at a beef jerky shop in Wichita Falls has police searching for answers.  Authorities said the Keeno’s Beef Jerky was robbed between 2:30p.m. Monday and 7:00a.m. Tuesday morning.  It’s located on Old Jacksboro Highway.

"Our butchers got here this morning early.  Called me and said we've got a dilemma at the store," shop owner Gary Keeney said.

He immediately went to the shop and that's where he found the front door shattered.  A crowbar was found near the door.  Keeney and the butcher didn't go inside the building to make sure the evidence was left alone.  That's when they called police.  Once they arrived, they discovered it was a break-in, but it wasn't what they expected.

"All the money was still here, but the big jar of our favorite jerky was gone," he said.

Keeney said it appeared the beef bandits broke in, place a donation jar with money inside on the floor, and started sampling the beef jerky on the counter.  Once they got to the award winning Kickin' T-Bone it appeared they were satisfied.  That's when is appears they left the shop with the five-pound jar of the jerky.

However, the getaway didn't go so smoothly for them.  They left a trail of the beef jerky across several yards showing which direction they went.  Then, the bandits dropped the jar of jerky and fled the scene.  You could see the broken glass where it was dropped.  So, while they didn't get away with as much as they hoped, they got away with something.

"I don't like being broken into.  I don't like anybody invading my space, but at the same time it says a lot about our jerky," Keeney said, "It's a great testament to how good our jerky is."

This was the first break-in at the shop, since opening over two-years ago.  However, they aren't concerned moving forward.

"We've got surveillance cameras," he said, "We'll get new glass on the door, so it won't be so hot in here and we'll be back to normal business."

Investigators did not tell Newschannel 6 if they know how many people were involved.  So, if you have any information, call Crime Stoppers.  Their number is (940) 322-9888.

Alexandra McClung, Newschannel 6