Texas Shaped Patio

Texas Shaped Patio

WICHITA FALLS, TX - The saying 'Everything is Bigger in Texas' is certainly true for one Wichita Falls woman who has a larger than life lawn display in the shape of the Lone Star State.

Kathy Richardson started the Texas shaped patio at her home in the Spring of 2014 and finished it last November. The State of Texas is outlined with stones and filled in with cobblestones. In order to lay the cobblestones, it took Kathy and her family 450 bags of cement which she mixed, by hand, two bags at a time.

Kathy says one of the most important things about the display is the history behind it.

"I was raised here in Wichita Falls and did a lot of rodeoing, that's where the boots and the hat came in," Richardson said. "My dad had the anvil so that had to go in there. The flag pole is in Wichita Falls. We have the bluebonnets of course. The armadillos are in Amarillo. The longhorn head is in Fort Worth. The rock scorpion is because my dad collected scorpions. I had to have him somewhere in there as well. "

Next on Kathy's to-do list is a Texas shaped fire pit in the backyard. No word yet on when she will get started on that project. If you would like to see the Texas shaped patio for yourself or take a picture with it, you can give Kathy a call at (940) 867-3028.