NFL Season Opener Tonight

NFL Season Opener Tonight

Wichita Falls, TX - Football is finally returning.the defending Super Bowl New England Patriots face the Pittsburgh Steelers tonight as the NFL opens its regular season.

The league and Patriots are hoping to put Deflategate behind them.

Some local fans Newschannel 6 talked with are still holding on to last year's dream while others are looking forward to this season.

Whether you're under the lights, in the stands, at home, or on the bench, all eyes will be on the NFL Thursday night.

"Thank god I have something to watch on TV," said Bill Brosam, a huge football and Cowboys fan.

Before kicking off the 2015-16 NFL season, the New England Patriots will raise up their fourth Super Bowl banner and then will take on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Overshadowing this game is the deflate gate scandal that has been haunting the Patriots and veteran quarterback Tom Brady since their AFC championship and Super Bowl win last year.

The league suspended the quarterback for four games, but a federal judge recently overturned his suspension.

As a result, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says he will not attend the  match up. He's hoping his absence will shift the focus back to the game and fans agree.

"We should be focusing on the football season, instead of the Deflategate stuff, but everybody knows he did it," said Isiah Long, a Cowboys fan.

The last thing cowboys fans are thinking about is Tom Brady. Some are still bitter about the way last season ended.

"It was a surprise. I still think that was a catch. Dez caught that ball. You can't tell me he didn't make a football move. He came down took two, three steps and dove for the end zone," said Bill.

Other football fans are looking forward to their team's future.

"I'm  most excited about seeing Romo and see what Randle gone do. I want to  see what the running backs are going to do since Murray ain't there," said Isiah.

Some NFL analysts believe because of the criticism the Patriots have been receiving all offseason they will come out firing on all cylinders and take the win.

While tonight's game is part of NBC's Sunday night football lineup, CBS will carry Thursday night football starting next week.

Prior to every season opener, there is a concert.

To celebrate Super Bowl 50 this year, Train and Ellie Goulding will be performing in San Francisco rather than in New England.

Kickoff is at 7:30 p.m. 

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6