United Regional Upgrades are Making Progress

Construction on the new emergency department within United Regional Hospital is making progress.  The work is expected to be complete by February of 2016.

"Today [Thursday] we have a bunch of activity going on.  The guys are hanging duct work and they are hanging plumbing piping and medical piping into the interior of the building," said Vice President of Facilities and Management at URH, Rick Carpenter.

For Carpenter, progress is going well.

Newschannel 6 crews stood in the area of the nurse's station for the new trauma section.

The work being completed today for the Emergency Department is apart Phase Two: B. Phase Two began April of 2015.

"Phase Two: B is actually building the extension of the building and then to finish that and then we'll move into this and use part of the existing," said Carpenter.

The reason for the expansion: the hospital wanted to offer better, more efficient and safer care to its patients.

"We've got a lot of people doing a lot of stuff and its happening quickly.  The masons are outside putting the masonry on the building and that happens quickly, so things are going well," said Carpenter.

Because of the construction, emergency room patients will have to continue to use the south side entrance of the building to get in.  Carpenter said, in the beginning of construction, it was hard for patients to get used to using the south side entrance, but so far, there have not been any big disruptions.

The total cost for the expansion at URH is about $28 million.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6