In God We Trust: Divine Decals

It was a rare moment of calm for Childress Police Chief Adrian Garcia this morning. For the past few weeks, his phone has been ringing off the hook, all in response to his decision to put "In God We Trust" on the back of his police department's vehicles.

"It's a reminder for all these [police]men that do believe in God to remember, when you go out on tour that the big man upstairs has your back," Garcia explained.

The decal decision was made following the deaths of an officer in Abilene and a sheriff's deputy, who was gunned down while pumping gas in Harris County.

Religion is a very big part of the Childress community, with officers estimating there are about 30 churches serving just over 6000 people. The Childress Police Department sits right next to a church and across the street from a church.

Some have taken issue with the decals being displayed on government vehicles. Garcia said he received hate messages on Facebook from secular groups and individuals opposed to the motto. Some individuals have alleged the department censored opinions from their Facebook page that different from Garcia's.

The main group fighting the phrase on police vehicles nationally is the Wisconsin based "Freedom from Religion Foundation." They have threatened to sue all police departments across the nation who use the decal.

I asked Chief Garcia why he chose "In God We Trust."

"Well its our national motto. I mean, what better thing to put than that? I can't think of anything better, can you?," Garcia asked.

Attorneys we spoke to today say the phrase is protected as part of the country's history as the national motto. Garcia said the decal is now a permanent fixture of Childress police vehicles.

"The only way it would come off is if the Supreme Court told me so," Garcia