MSU Remembers 9/11

It's been 14 years since four planes were boarded by terrorists, targeting major U.S. landmarks.  The Twin Towers in New York were one of their targets of destruction as well as the Pentagon.

On the 14th anniversary of that tragic day, students, faculty and staff members at Midwestern State University came together to honor the fallen.  For all of them, it's a day they will never forget.

"I was six years old," Andrew Gray, Junior Senator of the Student Government Association of MSU said, "I was in my first grade science class.  The TV came on and we saw it happen, but we didn't realize what was happening."

Jesse Brown, the President of the SGA was in second grade.

"I remember the principal coming over the loud speaker and announcing that there was a tragic event that happened in New York," he said.

The SGA organized the gathering.  They were able to do it in less than 12 hours.  They posted about it on all of the social media sites to get the word out.  Plus, faculty members announced it during class periods.

For many of the students, at the time, they didn't understand why the terrorist attack was happening.  They were confused.  Even 14 years later, the reason for the attack isn't clear.  Still, they took the time to remember the 2,977 people who lost their lives on that day.

"For our generation that was a rude awakening into what violent extremism can do," Gray said.

Even through the destruction and chaos of the historic day, reflecting on the strength and resilience of the country was just as important for everyone who attended the memorial.

"America doesn't stop in the face of diversity," Gray said, "We don't back down and we stood up and united brother and brother and sister and sister and pulled though and here we are today 14 years later, stronger than ever."

"I'm proud of what our fellow Americans did that day," Brown said.

Around 150 people attended the service.  Many international students expressed how humbling it was to be a part of the ceremony.  They also said it was a great experience to see the unity among the university.

Alexandra McClung, Newschannel 6