Iowa Park Wastewater Reuse

Iowa Park Wastewater Reuse

Iowa Park has found a way to make use of waste-water. A new reuse system will allow waste-water to be cleaned, filtered and held in a storage tank.
The water is not to be consumed, but instead it's to be used for one of the towns biggest manufacturing employers.

Like many other Iowa Park companies, Cryovac was using drinking water for day to day operations. Now the company will be using the waste-water reuse instead saving the drinking water supply and at the same time no longer wasting waste-water. 

"Every drop of water that is used to come out of this plant that we can reuse, saves exactly one to one ratio of potable water," said Kerry Maroney, Engineer for the new waste-water reuse system. 

Eddie Browning is the Chief Waste-water Treatment Plant Operator. Browning said that the new system might have cost $1.1 million, but that it is worth every penny. 

"It cost, but in the long run it pays for itself. This drought might not have been near as disastrous if we have had this. We can save most of that drinking water for public use instead of wasting it on manufacturing plants where they can use this water to save both money and resources," said Browning. 

The system was available for all residents to see and observe during an open house from 10:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m. on Saturday. 

Jack Carney Newschannel 6