Construction Crews Hard At Work At Electra ISD

Construction Crews Hard At Work At Electra ISD

Construction is underway at Electra ISD on the district's new junior high and high school building.

Voters overwhelmingly passed the almost 12 million dollar school bond back in May, giving the district the green light to replace the current high school built in 1926.

Electra ISD Superintendent Scott Hogue said a new building has a been in the talks since the 1970s.

"We are wanting to put a new face out there for Electra," Hogue said.

Hogue says the new building is being building behind the elementary school. The new school won't only bring the district up to technology standards, but it will also bring some new safety upgrades.

"We want to stay as current and modern as possible," Hogue said. "With this new school, we are going to have two storm shelters built in the building for the kids and the community. The safety concerns on this building are just phenomenal compared to what we could have done with our old school."

The current school will become the administration building. After the move, Hogue says they plan on tearing down the administration building.

The district will meet on September 22 to talk about the progress being made on the new construction. Hogue says all construction should be wrapped up by December 2016.