Kemp-Monroe Drainage Project Approved

On Tuesday, Wichita Falls City Council members approved a new drainage project.  City leaders hope it will keep one neighborhood from flooding during 100-year flood events.

The coal of the Kemp-Monroe Drainage Improvements Project is to provide better drainage in the area immediately surround the 2200 block of Monroe Street.  Currently, the outfall for this drainage area is a large box culvert under Kell Blvd.  This box culvert is undersized and is causing storm water to pond during 100-year flood event and flood 53 structures.

To eliminate this flooding, a regional detention pond will be created.  It will detain the storm water runoff, which will allow the current box culvert to handle the flows.  In addition, large box culverts will be extended from the pond to Avenues I, J, K, and L in order to intercept the flows and carry them to the pond.

The Kemp-Monroe Drainage Project is ranked as the number one project.  This is according to the FNI Drainage 4 Master Plan that was completed in 2008.

The regional detention pond is part of the first of three phases of the project.  The project is expected to remove 38 of the 53 structures from being flooded during a 100-year flood event.

Phase one of construction will be funded in the fiscal year of 2016.