Archer City Green

Archer City Green

Nearly a year and a half after taking office as Mayor of Archer City, Kelvin Green said the town is doing just fine.  Green is 19 and is one of the youngest mayors in the entire country.

Like many other Texoma towns, Archer City is focusing on finalizing their annual budget.  Mayor Green said he's completely invested in making sure no financial problems arise under his leadership.  As a mayor still in his youth, Mayor Green has learned to make mature decisions.

"This last year, I was Mayor for about three months before we went into budget, so last year's budget was a little more challenging for me and a little harder to understand, and it also did not help that we were in a drought, so this year's budget went a whole lot smoother for me, and I feel like the rest of the council, because of the rain that the good Lord blessed us with," said Mayor Green.

To pay the bills, Green works in the oil business for a local Archer City company. It pays his bills, but can sometimes be difficult wearing two hats, especially when one carries the entire weight of leading this hometown.

As for right now, Green said that he has no plans for leaving office anytime soon.

Jack Carney Newschannel6