Gov. Abbott Speaks Out About Student Handcuffed, Suspended For Homemade Clock

Gov. Abbott Speaks Out About Student Handcuffed, Suspended For Homemade Clock

Wichita Falls, TX - Texas Governor Greg Abbott is among many people coming to the defense of a student arrested earlier this week when he brought a homemade alarm clock to school.

Ahmed Mohamed, 14, is a student with a knack for engineering and innovation, but his scientific skills landed him in cuff this week. Ahmed attends MacArthur High in Irving where he brought a homemade clock to school.

In a press conference earlier this week, he told the media he was just trying to impress his teacher. Instead, his teacher was alarmed when she saw a box full of wires.

Irving Independent School District officials said the teacher thought the clock he created was "a bomb" and called local police.

When Irving Police arrived at the school Ahmed was taken away in handcuffs.

Once a photo of the student in handcuffs surfaced online, it began to gain state, national and international attention.

Many people have voiced their opinions about the situation online. Many in favor of the teen, even creating #ISTANDWITHAHMED which is trending on Twitter.

Thursday afternoon at an event in Dallas, Gov. Abbott voiced his thoughts on the situation.

"The last thing we want to do is put handcuffs on a kid unjustifiably," said Gov. Abbott. "Just call this a tragic situation. It looks like the commitment to law enforcement may have gone too far and didn't balance all the facts."

He also went on to say he admires students with "ingenuity" and wants Texas to be "the state of innovation." He said in order for that to happen we must promote young people to engage in science like Ahmed.

A former classmate of Ahmed told CBS affiliate KTVT in Dallas that Ahmed is known for his impressive inventions, but can understand how a few weeks into the school year a teacher, who was just getting to know him could be alarmed.

No charges were filed against the student, but he will have to serve out his three-day suspension. Amhed said he does not plan to go back to MacArthur High School and is even considering exploring other options outside of the country.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6