Ride To Remember

Ride To Remember

Saturday morning, members of Archer City Police Department and the Blue Knights honored the memory of former Police Chief, Joe Burton with a fund raising motorcycle ride. Burton passed away after a nearly year long fight with cancer that took him to seek treatment in hospitals across Texas. 

Burton was hired as the Archer City Police Chief in 2009 and while his first priority was making sure streets were clean of crime, he loved nothing more than riding the open road on his motorbike. The Blue Knights are a motorbike group made up of current and former law enforcement officers who help support each other. 

"I do miss him.  He did a lot for our city; he hated drugs. He fought dope and drugs tooth and nail all the way," said Ronald Jeffries a former Archer County Deputy and current Blue Knight rider. 

Burton's widow, Misti and daughter, Brynn said that they have had an enormous amount of support, not just the A.C.P.D. and Blue Knights but other members of the community as well. 

"Their helping hand, their love and prayers to myself and his daughter Brynn, you know it is really nice to have them. He would have wanted me and Brynn both to move forward with our lives and we are doing that. It is hard, but rewarding at the same time to know that we are doing what he [Burton] would have wanted us to do," said Misti Burton. 

For those who were not able to take part in the ride, but would like to make a donation to the A.C.P.D. and others impacted by Burton's passing, you can do so by sending donations to the Archer City police station. 

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6