Archer City Meth Bust

Archer City Meth Bust

Archer City Police are happy to report their streets are a little cleaner when it comes to drugs. On Tuesday ACPD, along with the help of Olney, Archer County and Wichita County, executed a search warrant to take down a "dope house" on Plum Street in Archer City.

According to ACPD Chief Perron nearly 21 grams of meth with a value of over $2,000 were seized from the home.

"Two of the individuals, a male and female, were charged with Manufacture, Delivery of a Controlled Substance Penalty Group One. The third individual arrested was actually arrested for Public Intoxication Under the Influence of Narcotics," said Chief Perron.

Jesse Bitner, Kelly Wilson and Victor Goforth were all present during the execution of the warrant. However, only Bitner and Wilson would be charged with Manufacturing and Delivery of Meth.

According to Chief Perron, Goforth was only arrested for being high on drugs.

"Playing it conservatively about 350 hours into that one investigation," said Chief Perron.

The Chief said that the year-long investigation called "Operation Jack In The Box" was first started during the previous Chief Burton's tenure. Burton passed away earlier this year from a battle with cancer. Chief Perron said that he felt good being able to finish what his predecessor had started.

"I know that is one thing that I felt last night, the chief was smiling down on us. He was proud of the work we did in the community he served for so many years," said Chief Perron.

After executing a meth bust and recovering a value over $2,000, Perron said ACPD has put a dent in the distribution of drugs.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6