Electra Without a Police Chief...Again

The city of Electra is without a Police Chief, again.  In a two to one vote, Electra City Commissioners decided that Michael Hopkins will no longer serve the community.

Hopkins held the position of Police Chief for Electra since August of 2014.

Newschannel 6 tried to talk with Hopkins after the Electra City Commissioner Special Meeting, but he did not give us a comment.  However, we did speak with him before the meeting and he said he had no idea what was going on.

It was a full house in the Electra City Hall Chambers Thursday night.  Electra residents in attendance were not happy with what commissioners decided.

"Chief Hopkins is a wonderful man.  He got the drug pushers, everyone off the list.  He's a good man and you can tell by the response of the people at the meeting this evening, they love him.  They know he's doing a good job and they'll stand up for him.  They'll stand up for him through thick and thin.  He's doing a good job for us," said Lona Franczak.

Franczak works for the city of Electra until September 30th.  She is being let go due to budgets cuts.

There was a motion to reappoint Hopkins as Police Chief, but there was no second.  Mayor Pam Ward was looking for a motion to reassign Hopkins to Assistant Deputy Chief, Assistant Lt. or a Patrol Officer, but silence.  When it came to the release of Hopkins as Police Chief, a motion was made and then seconded.

Another former Police Chief, Johnny Morris was also in attendance Thursday night, he told us he was just there to observe.

We spoke to Wichita County Sheriff, David Duke about Electra no longer having a police chief, and he said Electra officials have not yet asked for his or his deputies' assistance.

Mayor Pam Ward did not speak to Newschannel 6 on camera about the removal of Hopkins as Chief.

However, Ward did speak to Newschannel 6 about the former Interim City Manager, Mike Price.  Price left his position and turned in his resignation letter after the scheduled Electra City Commissioner's meeting on Tuesday.

"What that means is that we now have a critical urgency to find a City Administrator.  It's pretty scary.  It's real scary.  It means that everybody is going to have to pitch in to do their share and everybody do their part.   We're going to have to all work together.  We're going to have to all pull the same direction, which is what I think the commission is doing," said Ward.

Ward and city commissioners have interviewed two people for the position of Electra City Administrator.  She tells us they haven't come back to discuss it and put it before a vote because their main focus now, is the city's budget.

Before serving as Interim City Administrator of Electra, Mike Price served as City Manager for Iowa Park.

Stay with Newschannel 6, we will continue to follow this developing story.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6