Texomans Talk Pope

Texomans Talk Pope

Catholics at Wichita Falls, Sacred Heart Church told me they are embracing the Pope's broader message of their faith. During Pope Francis's time in the U.S., he held masses, spoke to crowds, and addressed congress and the United Nations.  Many across the country and the world have been talking about the Pope's new views on traditional Catholic values.

"There is A general sense of just being more accepting of those and others being more open in mind and heart and just embracing your neighbor as you would like to be embraced," said Carlos Deltoro a lifelong Catholic.

Deltoro's wife, Mayra, said that that Pope Francis words are helping spread the religion she practices.

"Like (Pope Francis) said, to love your brother and your sister in a non judgmental way to take everyone as our brothers and sisters in Christ," said Mayra Deltoro.

Father Jack McKone said that he feels inspired by what Pope Francis has said.  Father McKone said the Pope has made him think deeper about how to better serve his local faithful flock.

"How do I relate as a person of mercy and charity to the people around me so that I can make a difference in Wichita Falls, Texas that is where I am first called to serve," said Father McKone.,

Jonathan Demma, a resident seminarian at Sacred Heart under the diocese of Fort Worth, was able to see the Pope in person when he visited Washington, D.C. this past week.

"As a seminarian studying to be a priest, and then to be that close to this amazing example of how to be a Sheppard, is indescribable," said Demma.

Some Catholics have disagreed with Pope Francis and his new views on traditional Catholic values.  Others say that the Pope's recent statements may not be what all in the Catholic Church want, but what all in the Catholic Church need.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6