Nextdoor Program Introduced To Residents By WFPD Seeing Great Results

Nextdoor Program Introduced To Residents By WFPD Seeing Great Results

Wichita Falls, TX - It's been a year since the Wichita Falls Police Department introduced the Nextdoor program to residents.

It's a private social media network for your neighborhood. It allows residents to communicate and is a source used to help deter crime. 
Newschannel 6 got a progress report from WFPD to find out the community's response and if it is helping reduce crime.

"There is an app and there is a computer feature they are able to post something if they see a suspicious vehicle can type that in and press send and it will go to everybody that's signed up in that neighborhood," said Jeff Hughes, Wichita Falls Public Information Officer.

Last year, police were introducing it to communities to get them more involved in helping fight off crime.

WFPD said last year 20 communities in the city signed up for the private social network for neighborhoods and now there are more than 70.

Officer Hughes said the biggest attraction to this app is its ability to help users alert neighbors about crime in their backyard.

"They can interact with each other and post things like garage sales or maybe somebody finds a dog, keys, or wallet or something like that. They would be able to share that information," said Officer Hughes.

Police told Newschannel 6 more than 2,500 members in Wichita Falls are taking advantage of the tool and are seeing great results.

"These neighborhoods that are actively engaged in the Nextdoor program they are taking that opportunity away, because they are not allowing these criminals into their neighborhoods because they are reporting if they see something suspicious," said Officer Hughes. "So they are on top of it. By that the program is working."

To register for the program, visit

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6