MSU Gets Federal Grant

Midwestern State University will be getting $1.1-million in federal grants.
The money will help fund the Student Support Services over the next five years.  The program provides assistance to qualified students that helps them adjust to college life and works with them to achieve the necessary study skills to stay in school. 
This program helps students with low income backgrounds and at risk students.  It also helps first generation students, meaning neither one of the students completed a four year degree at a college or university.
A combination of factors has lead to approximately 47-percent of MSU students to be eligible for the program.  With the closure of large industries in Wichita Falls in recent years, former employees of these businesses are seeking degrees so they can re-enter the job market.
According to Fall 2014 statistics, approximately 23-percent are first-generation students and nine-percent are low-income.  More than ten-percent qualify as both low-income and first generation students.
There are qualifications for receiving SSS.  This include being first generation; low income background; documented physical, emotional, or learning disability; demonstrate academic need for program services; a United States citizen, or meet residency requirements for federal student financial assistance; and currently enrolled at MSU.