Gun Law Concerns

Gun Law Concerns

Texoma gun owners and distributors don't think more gun laws will lead to less gun violence.

One day after a deadly mass shooting in rural Oregon President Barack Obama called on lawmakers to enact stronger gun laws. Jason Lavender of Gun Company in Wichita Falls said that laws won't stop more shootings.

"No matter what, if a criminal wants to create a crime he is going to find a way to do it," said Lavender.

Background checks are about as thorough as one can get according to Lavender. At times he has had to turn away multiple buyers for not passing their background check.

"I have stopped people where I have sat here and watched them, I will stop them after the third or fourth question I will be like we are done, I can not sell you a firearm so good luck to you," said Lavender.

Gun buyers like Chris Duke said that it's not guns, but people who are the true problem for these mass shootings.

"It's not a gun issue, it is a mental health issue," said Duke.

Similar to Lavender, Duke believes that more gun laws won't translate to less gun problems. While Duke wants to remain optimistic, he said that he cannot think of any law that could help stop mass shootings from occurring.

"Because everybody here is responsible went through the system properly and criminals won't go through the system they don't abide by the laws," said Duke.

Both Duke and Lavender said that the majority of gun owners poses no harm to the general public. Although President Obama has called for tougher gun laws and increased background checks there is no guarantee that those changes will go through.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6