Electra Petitions

Electra Petitions

Some Electra residents want to see the mayor and two other city employees erased from their positions of power.

Steven Staley is one of the many organizers in town petitioning to recall Mayor Pam Ward, City Commissioner Kevin Byrd, and City Commissioner Ricky Kelly. There is also an additional petition to reinstate for Electra Chief of Police Michael Hopkins.

"I mean you can not go in there with a personal vendetta and still do good for the city. It just ain't going to happen. We need to stop playing high school games and get somebody in there that is going to help us out and do what the people want them to do. It is stated right here what everybody wants in this town," said Staley.

Like the nearly 160 other residents in town, Staley feels that the recent termination of Hopkins, better known as "Hoppy", and other city employees was not just.  He argues that residents like him have not received an adequate answer as to why the terminations occurred.

Mayor Pam ward said she would not dignify herself with an answer regarding the petition for her recall. Newschannel 6 attempted to reach out to Kevin Byrd, but was unsuccessful in locating him. However, Ricky Kelly was able to comment on recent petitions calling for him to be removed from city office.

"If it was a personal vendetta what about the other people we have released? What about the other changes we made within the city? Was that a personal vendetta? No. We are in a budget crush you know, and we had to do what we needed to do to get money back in the budget. Because it is no secret we are hurting," said Kelly.

Staley said he has around 160 signatures gathered so far.  He only needs 100.  Staley said the more people sign, the more powerful a statement it will make to those who live and govern in Electra. Kelly said that he wants Electra to remain strong and keep their heads up while reiterating that city leaders made moves that were in the best interest of the town.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6